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Whatever your vacuum forming or thermoformed packaging needs may be, Global Thermoforming can put engineering, design & manufacturing expertise to work to create the highest quality products for you.

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At Global Thermoforming, we build our own thermoforming tools, thermoforming machines and extrude our own material, which means we can design and develop faster, fix production problems faster, and ensure you meet your deadlines.

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At Global Thermoforming, we provide a broad array of plastic manufacturing capabilities. Whether your part calls for design, post-production machining, finishing, tooling manufacture, assembly or thermoformed packaging, we can handle all your needs on-site. We’ll make all the components!

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At Global Thermoforming, quality is the most important attribute of our thermoforming company. We take great pride in delivering the best quality in the thermoforming industry. We are constantly striving to improve.

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Customer Experience

Once your product is delivered, we will be by your side until it is fully integrated with your manufacturing processes. If complications occur, we are available within 24 hours to get it right and have your systems up and running.

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Vacuum Forming Experts

With over 30 years of experience in vacuum forming, and thermoformed packaging, our plants in Nashville, Tennessee and Tempe, Arizona consistently produce high-quality and distinctive retail packaging, component parts, and POP displays. We offer a full range of concept development to production services for small-run to high-volume vacuum forming projects. Recognized for our close tolerance forming and trimming capabilities, we fulfill your quality requirements in both thin gauge and thick gauge materials at competitive pricing. Although we are a privately-held company, we view our customers as shareholders. Your satisfaction is our primary focus.


Vacuum Forming Machines

Vacuum forming and plastic manufacturing is the most cost effective and quality solution for your manufacturing needs.

Thick Gauge Thermoforming

Thick Gauge Thermoforming

We have capabilities of forming up to 1” thick. We’ve formed all types of thermoforming plastics in our industry and have helped our customers form their ideas into solutions they never dreamed of.

thin gauge thermoforming

Thin Gauge Thermoforming

Thin gauge thermoforming is primarily the manufacture of disposable cups, containers, lids, trays, blisters, clamshells, and other products for the food, medical, and general retail industries.

Secondary Operations for Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming

Secondary Operations

In addition to our custom thermoforming services, we provide a variety of secondary services including CNC trimming, assembly, printing, painting, and drape forming.


In-house Vacuum Forming Machines and Equipment

In-house capabilities feature multiple of the following machines.

Rotary Thermoforming Machine

MAAC | FORMS UP TO 1'x1' - 11'X7'

Rotary Thermoforming Machine

Rotary thermoforming equipment can introduce even greater productivity in forming operations by arranging three or four workstations around a central area. Rotary machines with five stations are sometimes used but are far less common than three- and four-station machines. Only one mold and one forming station are needed on a rotary machine.

In-line, Roll-fed Thermoforming Machine


In-line, Roll-fed Thermoforming Machine

A continuous web of material is fed from a roll and then clamped into a chain conveyor. The web moves through a bank of heaters, gets formed, and is moved out. The part is trimmed during cooling.

5 Axis CNC Routers


5 Axis CNC Routers

Our Thermwood 5-axis CNC Routers are specifically developed for three-dimensional machining and holding tight tolerances. A computer numerical control (CNC) router is a computer-controlled machine that can hold much tighter and more consistent tolerances than held by hand routers.

Shuttle Thermoforming Machine


Shuttle Thermoforming Machine

Here, the sheet is clamped into a movable frame. The frame is located to the side of the stationary heaters. The sheet is then moved into the heater; when it reaches forming temperature, the sheet is moved back to the loading station and pressed into contact with the mold. The part is formed and cooled. The part is ejected after the mold is retracted.



Quality and Consistency

Quality is Global Thermoforming’s most important attribute. We take pride in delivering the best quality thermoforming, vacuum forming, and thermoformed packaging in our industry. We are constantly striving to improve. At Global Thermoforming, quality is everyone’s job!


Customer Experience

At Global Thermoforming, we stay involved through the entire process. Once your thermoformed product is delivered, we will be by your side until it is fully integrated with your manufacturing processes. If complications occur, we are available within 24 hours to get it right and have your systems up and running. Our goal is to deliver products with speed, quality, and customer-centric experiences at the forefront. Let us exceed your expectations.

Initial Meeting or Call

Welcome! We’d like to hear all about your products and the vision you have in mind. We pride ourselves in having a great sales team that will help you throughout the process of your entire project. Our sales team works closely with our production team to make sure we hit our lead times and produce the highest quality parts in our field.


Production – High or Low Volume

We have state of the art thermoforming machines and equipment! From high speed “inline” thermoforming machines along with 3-station rotary machines that give us high volume capability. Our smaller shuttle thermoforming machines allow for lower volume projects.


Design and Engineering

Design & Engineering are very important in thermoforming! We take your vision and try to improve it by reducing costs, improving manufacturability, and adding value to your end customer. We have over 50+ years of combined experience on our engineering team.


Lead Times

Because accurate and timely information is vital in any business strategy, we make your priorities are put first! Typical production lead times in our industry can vary from 4 – 10 weeks pending on the particular project.



Rapid Prototyping! As soon as your design is completed and approved, we can get you prototypes in as little as 2 days! Most companies we’ve worked with over the years have found prototyping is vital in the process to launch a new product. We offer a variety of mold options, all depending on your particular project.


Final Product

The duration from prototype approval to final product delivery varies anywhere from 2-14 weeks, dependent on the scope of work and complexity of the part. No solution is out of reach; your finished product will be beautiful, high quality, and completed with speed and efficiency.



The Process of Thermoforming

Read how vacuum forming can cut costs, improve your business and increase your bottom line.

Quality Thermoforming Explained in 5 Minutes

Everyday consumer products from ice cream tubs to sterile packaging are created through the process of thermoforming. This manufacturing process happens when large plastic sheets are heated to a specific temperature until they are easily molded into the desired shape. People use products designed and formed by a quality thermoforming process without even realizing it.

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Custom Thermoforming: What’s The Next Big Thing?

There are many different forms of custom thermoforming, with many big things on the rise in the future. Global Thermoforming is continually pushing the boundaries of technology, quality, and overall enhancements as a company. Our mission is to produce high-quality products with decades of engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise. Many people in the plastic manufacturing industry wonder what the future holds for custom thermoforming and how it can benefit them; the ideas explained below will offer some context into the thermoforming industry and what the imminent future looks like.

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Thermoforming: What You Need To Know

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process by which plastic sheets are heated until they are in a state where they can be easily molded and formed for the purpose of creating a wide variety of consumer products. Learn more about this amazing process!

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Point of Purchase Displays

Contact us today for all of your point of purchase custom manufacturing needs.
Thermoformed Pop Up Display for Cosmetic Company


Recycling Opportunities & Green Technologies

Our warehouses feature LED High Efficiency lighting with motion-activated sensors to help with energy consumption, and are heated using our ovens to reduce energy.

Our plastic manufacturing facilities recycle 100% of the recyclable materials. If you need help with recycling plastic waste, please contact us.

We’re also a member of The AZ Green Tier Program.

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Global Thermoforming, Inc is a leader in the plastics manufacturing industry that provides thermoforming services, vacuum forming, clamshell, clamshell packaging, thin gauge options, thick gauge options, custom parts and molds, and a variety of other services to the entire United States. We have local manufacturing facilities in Tempe, AZ and Nashville, TN. Contact us today for all of your plastic manufacturing needs.

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COVID-19 Manufacturing Initiatives​

Plastic Thermoforming: Expectations vs. Reality

There is a lot of hype around plastic thermoforming, with many people expecting it to be the silver bullet for increasing production efficiency. However, as with any new technology, there are often unrealistic expectations about what it can do. In this article, we will take a closer look at the reality of plastic thermoforming and explore the benefits and limitations of this process.