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Global Thermoforming serves the medical industry, from thermoforming face masks to mobile x-ray equipment. We use pressure forming, vacuum forming, 5-axis CNC routers, and various secondary equipment to provide medical thermoforming.

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We build our own thermoforming tools, thermoforming machines and extrude our own material, which means we can design and develop faster, fix production problems faster, and ensure you meet your deadlines.

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We provide a broad array of plastic manufacturing capabilities. Whether your part calls for design, post-production machining, finishing, tooling manufacture, assembly or thermoformed packaging, we can handle all your needs on-site. We’ll make all the components!

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Quality is the most important attribute of our vacuum forming company. We take great pride in delivering the best quality in the thermoforming industry. We are constantly striving to improve.

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Once your product is delivered, we will be by your side until it is fully integrated with your manufacturing processes. If complications occur, we are available within 24 hours to get it right and have your systems up and running.

Medical Thermoforming COVID-19 Face Masks

Rapid Prototyping. Rapid Production.

COVID-19 Face Masks

When we started seeing a shortage of COVID-19 masks, we modified our thermoforming machines to be able to form face masks for medical professionals during this time of need. We have been rapidly prototyping 3 different types of masks that are able to be manufactured at our facilities in Tempe, Arizona and Nashville, Tennessee. The face masks we have been manufacturing are reusable masks and single-use masks that are brand new and completely innovative.

Our U.S.A. manufacturing facilities can produce face masks, mobile sanitizing sinks, hospital table tops, hospital drawers and cabinets, mobile x-ray equipment, and much more.

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Thermoformed Medical Equipment

Thermoforming in the medical industry is extremely important and cost-effective. Thermoforming medical supplies and equipment have changed the entire healthcare environment. Healthcare staff and workers aren’t having to slow down to sterilize equipment, thermoformed pieces are much more cost-effective, chemical resistant, and weigh much less. We have many options for customizing thermoforming medical parts with textures and colors to deliver the patient a more enhanced experience.

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What We Offer

Medical Thermoforming

All of the thermoforming that we do for the medical industry is rapid when it comes to our prototyping and full production. We understand the necessity of these medical parts and supplies so we do our best to deliver as quickly as possible without ever sacrificing quality. We build our own thermoforming tools in-house and have very important U.S. suppliers that are always there for us in times of need.

Face Masks

The face masks we have been manufacturing are reusable masks and single-use masks that are brand new and completely innovative. We’re able to custom create any type of thermoformed face mask you need through our thin-gauge thermoforming capabilities.

Mobile Sanitizing Sinks

The mobile sanitizing sinks that we manufacture through thick-gauge thermoforming are extremely high-quality and durable. These are great for catering, outdoor events, or any other need you may have for them.

Hospital Table Tops

The hospital table tops we manufacture are durable, easy to clean and can contain spills very easily. The table surface won’t crack or peel over time due to the quality of our material and our thermoforming process. You have full control and the design and prototyping so your hospital table tops meet your exact needs.

Hospital Drawers and Cabinets

The hospital drawers and cabinets that we manufacture are completely custom to your specifications. Each of our thermoformed products for the medical industry are extremely durable and is designed to provide healthcare workers with furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Mobile X-ray Equipment

The mobile x-ray equipment that we manufacture is completely custom to your specifications to support your exact mobile x-ray machine and equipment. We specifically manufacture mobile x-ray equipment for hospitals and health care providers to allow doctors and first-aid workers to easily transport this equipment due to its low overall weight and compact build. Our mobile x-ray equipment allows you to reach remote locations much easier and speed up the health care services that are needed by the patient.

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If you’re a healthcare provider or in the medical industry and you would like to learn more about medical thermoforming and why it’s important for your practice, contact us today and our team will be happy to help you.

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Learn more about Global Thermoforming
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