2020 Brings Two New MAAC Comet Shuttle Machines to Our Factory Floor

MAAC Thermoforming Machine

Global Thermoforming is looking ahead to 2020 with new addition of the best thermoforming machines to our production lines.
“We’ve set our sights on creating faster cycle times, lower costs for our customers and quicker prototyping,” says Adam Bergauer, our owner, “Placing two new MAAC Comet shuttle machines in our production floor line-up is our latest development. We’re excited about the new technology and how it’s expanding our thermoforming capabilities. Now, we’ve added two more of the best thermoforming machines out there to our roster.”

Illinois-based MAAC, the world’s largest thermoforming machinery manufacturer, is the U.S. leader in producing equipment for cut-sheet thermoforming applications. With more than 35 years as a supplier, they have the most successful client base in the industry. They consistently lead the pack in technological advances and innovation, and our new MAAC Comet Model C106S and C64S are perfect examples. Global Thermoforming selected MAAC Machinery because of their unsurpassed record of supplying specialized machines for vacuum forming, pressure forming, twin sheet forming and a wide variety of automotive and custom thermoforming applications.

What is a Shuttle thermoforming machine?

These new shuttle machines are highly flexible parts of our manufacturing process. The term “shuttle” refers to the movement of plastic sheets in and out of the thermoformer. They’re workhorses, as they heat and form the plastic in one contained unit. Our MAAC Comet Model C106S can make parts up to 6′ x 10′, and our 2019 Comet Model C64S can handle pieces up to 6′ x 4′. These two units will help us increase cycle times even further.

The advantages of shuttle thermoforming are well-known. These machines are highly adjustable – ideal for prototypes and perfect for industries that require a variety of thermoforming capabilities, such as medical components.

MAAC Thermoformers Stay Ahead of the Competition

Global Thermoforming works with MAAC machines because we know the quality and superior technology that goes into each model. Quite simply, they lead the industry. Their thermoforming machines consistently exceed production rates, improve material distribution speeds, and ensure superior product quality. Dedicated to building only sheet-fed machines, their single station and rotary thermoforming machines are trusted to be the best in their field. Only the finest, American-made, brand name components are used at their Illinois manufacturing facility.

Our new MAAC Comet Thermoforming equipment is a game-changer. MAAC Machinery never stops improving its line-up. Our new machines have the latest innovations, including:


  • MAAC Comet Thermoforming utilizes the latest easy-to-use Allen Bradley PLC. They memorize process parameters and keep our customers’ programs safer. The improved technology will allow us to control forming more efficiently and expand our thermoforming capabilities.

The most efficient "Instant On"/"Instant Off" quartz ovens in the industry

  • More control, using highly zoned heating to reduce sheet thickness and provide better material distribution.
  • Our new MAAC Comet units use these efficient quartz infrared heaters to provide faster cycle times. This translates to better prices for our customers.

Shuttle machines with quick-change setups

  • These enhance our thermoforming services to reduce production downtime. Each machine has adjustable clamp frames and features for mold location and securing, which allows for minimal changeover time.

Our New Shuttle Thermoformer Machines Go Big

With a capacity for up to 6′ x 10′ parts on the MAAC Comet Model C106S, and up to 4′ x 6′ on the MAAC Comet C64S, we’ve expanded our services. These machines not only handle material quickly, but also produce components for industries such as aerospace, medical, and automotive with improved tolerances and accuracy. Global Thermoforming offers new manufacturing options and optimized production times for our clients, using the latest technology and the latest machinery on our production line.

Global Thermoforming is Ready with Solutions

Our ability to offer our customers solutions that exceed their expectations is key to our success. In addition to the expertise our team offers, we focus on completing projects with speed, accuracy, and at a competitive price. Our new MAAC Comet shuttle thermoforming machines align perfectly with our goals, offering even faster production times, new capabilities, and the ability to supply components to more industries.

At Global Thermoforming, we stay involved through the entire process, and our ability to produce large parts with thin walls in a variety of shapes has led to the use of thermoforming in many diverse industries we serve. Including Aerospace Components, Medical Components, Bath & Shower Furnishings, Pools & Spas, Recreational, Vehicle Components, Sidings & Windows, Consumer Products, Appliances and Housewares, Automotive Components, Marine Components, Lawn & Garden, Agricultural Components, HVAC Components, Disposable Packaging. Contact us to learn more about Global Thermoforming.

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