Introducing our latest addition: The DMS 5-Axis Moving Table CNC Machine

Quality DMS CNC Router Thermoforming Machine

As a leader in the industry, Global Thermoforming is dedicated to producing the best quality products, faster. We’re always on the hunt for the perfect combination of optimized production times and precision. Adding the new Diversified Machine Systems 5-Axis CNC router to our line-up of thermoforming machines expands our capabilities even further.

Why the announcement? 

We know speed is critical, and router output capacity is vital. To maintain maximum output and minimum production times, we employ the latest technology and the best equipment. Adding our new 5-Axis CNC router thermoforming machine increases our in-house Thermoforming capabilities and yields faster cycle times.

DMS CNC Router Yoke Thermoforming Machine

What is a CNC Router?

Before we dive into the specs on our latest machine, let’s cover the basics of CNC routers – all the better for appreciating the new kid on the factory floor. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is the process that has grown along with the thermoforming industry, always adding new capabilities. Automation and precision are the key benefits of CNC router tables.

Our digitally controlled routers give us incredible precision and speed as we produce thermoformed parts, components, and products. The addition of another 5-axis model takes our output to even higher levels. We’re already masters at close tolerance forming and trimming – now we’re faster and more precise than ever.

We supply components to industries in every area you can imagine. Global Thermoforming continually exceeds expectations for companies in the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, consumer products, packaging, medical, and lawn & garden industries – to name just a few. With the addition of this 5-Axis Moving Table CNC Machine, we’re ready to take on even more projects in new and growing industries.

The Best CNC Router for Your Project

The specs on our new 5-Axis Moving Table CNC Machine, Model 5T5-5-5-48T speak for themselves. A photo can’t tell the whole story, so let’s talk about the features and numbers that provide faster cycle times, versatility, and increased output.

5-Axis Moving Table CNC Machine Features

Common Materials

  • Wood 
  • Composites 
  • Aluminum 
  • Plastics 
  • Foam

Standard Features

  • Fagor Control System 
  • Fagor Sercos Drive System 
  • Absolute Encoders (All Linear Axes) 
  • Helical Rack and Pinion Y-Axis 
  • Ball Screw Assembly X-Axis 
  • C Axis +/- Rotation of 360 Degrees Aluminum Table 
  • Sealed Electrical Cabinet with A/C 
  • Stress Relieved Steel Fram

Customizable Features

  • Touch Screen Monitor 
  • Tool Height Sensor 
  • Bar Code Reader 
  • Custom Table Configurations 
  • Custom Workspace Travels 
  • Multiple Spindle Options 
  • Automatic Vacuum Valves 
  • Automatic Tool Changer 
  • Automatic Lubrication System 
  • Bridge Bellow

The twin aluminum moving tables on our new machine each measure 5 foot/1.5 meters by 5 foot/1.5 meters. This router is capable of rapid feed rates: 1800 inches/46 meters per minute. Rotational speeds of 8000 degrees per minute are standard.

The bridge or X-axis is driven by a spinning ball nut and recirculating ball screw assembly. It spans the 10 foot/3 meter dimension, allowing for full workspace coverage and up to 132 inches of travel.

The moving table or Y-axis is also driven by a spinning ball nut and recirculating ball screw assembly. It spans the 5 foot/1.5 meter dimension from front-to-back, with up 72 inches of full workspace coverage.

DMS (Diversified Machine Systems), a leader in CNC machinery, has a long history with the thermoforming industry. Their products are manufactured from North American steel, including our new 5-Axis Moving Table CNC Machine. 

A few more of the details that matter in our unit are a rigid, fabricated steel base and heavy gauge steel tube and plate weldment construction. Diversified Machine Systems CNC Router structural machine components are stress-relieved for maximum stability. 

The mechanical details include linear axes equipped with profile ways – compensated for positional accuracy. Each router Includes Fagor AC Digital Sercos Drives, including Servo motors on all axes and absolute encoders on all linear axes.

The result: Improved thermoforming capabilities and services

A CNC machine that adds to our capabilities, increases flexibility and improves production & cycle times. Every component we add to our line-up is part of our mission. Global Thermoforming is focused on providing speed, quality, and superior customization capabilities to our customers.

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Whatever your manufacturing needs may be, Global Thermoforming can put our engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise to work for you.

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