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Did you know that our Global Thermoforming operations are spread out across the country? We have two manufacturing facilities that allow us to offer our vacuum forming capabilities to national customers, one in Tempe, AZ and one in Nashville, TN. Our Nashville plant is strategically located in the central US, close to major transportation hubs.

The ability to provide our range of quality forming, close tolerance forming, and trimming capabilities to any area of the United States has helped us serve various industries with competitive pricing. However, our Nashville facility features some expanded capabilities that help us meet an even more extensive range of customer needs. We are showcasing our Tennessee plant in this blog, where we will talk about some of its unique services and how they help us offer our comprehensive production solutions.

In-Line Roll-Fed Thermoforming Machines

The thin-gauge plastics used in items such as food service clamshell containers, parts handling trays, and blister packaging are ideal for our In-Line Thermoforming machines. Using a range of thermoplastics, Global produces components for many national companies, such as MiracleGro, GooGoo Cluster, and GiGi’s Cupcakes.

Our roll-fed machines are automatically and continuously fed with a plastic roll stock material, which starts the process by entering a 10’-12’ long oven to attain the correct temperature. Once there, it continues to the forming station and then the die-cutting station. As you can imagine, this type of production is both highly efficient and fast. We maximize this to the fullest by using additional die-cutting and stacking stations with the units, such as our Sencorp and Brown models.

Onsite Tooling

Of the many elements that contribute to a successful thermoforming operation, perhaps the most important is mold design. Creating the molds or tooling is essential for obtaining well-designed molds made of the correct materials. This ensures consistent quality in the finished parts. Global Thermoforming’s Nashville location has our tooling services onsite, allowing us to create custom molds quickly and efficiently. By ensuring that the suitable materials are matched with the best quality molds in-house, we can produce your parts with shorter lead times and overall lower costs.

Our team utilizes a variety of materials in the tooling process. As thermoforming uses relatively low temperatures and pressure ranges, many options are available, including wood, 3-D printed plastics, aluminum, polyurethane, and more. The advantage of working with our in-house services allows us to partner with you in creating the most cost-effective and efficient processing options for your products.

A Full Range of Services

In addition to our site-specific operations at our Nashville thermoforming plant, this location also handles the complete range of thin and thick-gauge plastic thermoforming services and finishing operations we offer. Our ability to produce large parts with thin walls in various shapes allows us to work with a diverse range of industries. We work with aerospace, medical, automotive, and appliance manufacturers, to name just a few. We’ve talked about some of the products we’ve produced in a previous blog – but a typical day on our factory floor might see everything from aircraft interior parts to radar domes to seedling trays and egg cartons rolling off the production line. In a world that uses thermoformed plastics in every facet of living, we’re always at the forefront of creating new components and products with the latest in plastics, harnessing the qualities of acrylics, ABS, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and many more materials.

Our finishing services allow us to save our customers time and money, as we provide everything they need to send their parts directly to clients. Our Nashville plant can finish, trim, decorate, print, label, paint, and perform other steps to customize all aspects of your thermoformed plastic product and your plastic packaging. We can tackle specifications such as matching textures, component colors, add information, improve electrical conductivity, and more – as well as adding press and snap fasteners, ultrasonic welding, and more. We also offer packing and shopping of finished products.

Global Thermoforming also offers sophisticated CNC trimming. As we have expanded, we have added industry-leading machines like the latest Diversified Machine Systems 5-Axis CNC router to our line-up to ensure our capabilities are also ahead of the competition. Our digitally-controlled routers give us incredible precision and speed as we produce thermoformed parts, components, and products.

To summarize: If you are looking for a turn-key experience with your thermoformed parts and their distribution, our Nashville plant has you covered. Contact us to learn more about Global Thermoforming and to learn more about what our two locations can offer your business.

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