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Custom Thermoforming: What’s The Next Big Thing?

There are many different forms of custom thermoforming, with many big things on the rise in the future. Global Thermoforming is continually pushing the boundaries of technology, quality, and overall enhancements as a company. Our mission is to produce high-quality products with decades of engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise. Many people in the plastic manufacturing industry wonder what the future holds for custom thermoforming and how it can benefit them; the ideas explained below will offer some context into the thermoforming industry and what the imminent future looks like.

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Thermoforming: What You Need To Know

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process by which plastic sheets are heated until they are in a state where they can be easily molded and formed for the purpose of creating a wide variety of consumer products. Learn more about this amazing process!

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vacuum forming production

A Comprehensive Guide to Vacuum Forming Production

Even though you might not know what it’s called, you’re probably already quite familiar with vacuum forming and thermoforming. You’ve no doubt eaten plenty of to-go dinners from plastic containers and then washed them down with beverages served in disposable cups. You may have also tried to cut or pry open your share of sturdy plastic clamshell packages and then victoriously tossed them aside after retrieving their well-protected contents. In your car, you can see thermoformed consoles and interior components in any direction you look. In addition, you can find vacuum-formed components on a surprisingly diverse variety of products that range from gourmet chocolate packaging to space station control panels!

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Plastic Thermoforming: Expectations vs. Reality

Plastic thermoforming is a well-established process for creating a wide range of consumer products. As the demand for plastic increases, so does the need for more efficient ways to produce plastic parts. In particular, as demanding injection molding requirements have been increasing due to the increasing use of recycled plastics and other environmental pressures, thermoforming has been seen as a potential way to increase production efficiency.

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Thermoforming in Nashville, TN

Did you know that our Global Thermoforming operations are spread out across the country? Our Nashville plant is strategically located in the central US, close to major transportation hubs. Learn more about our operations in the heart of America!

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Thermoforming

Product design flexibility, cost-effective production, and automation are just a few of this method’s many benefits. In fact, virtually any industry can see positive results with thermoforming’s versatile production capabilities and a wide variety of applications. Read on for more about the top 10 things you didn’t know about thermoforming.